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Welcome to the Finca Luna Serena Cooking School.

The classes start 12 pm last approximately four hours including time to enjoy the buffet meal.

If you don’t have transportation, no problem! Just drive or take a taxi to Liverpool and we will pick you up and return you there at no additional cost. If you prefer to drive yourself, we will send directions. 

Here is the is a list  of classes which we offer. (Click each for further information)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Mexican ​

Non Mexican

If you would like a private class please follow this link Private cooking class.

Cooking classes

  • Allows for choice of meats or vegetarian version in each class

  • Everyone cooks their own main dish

  • Classes in Spanish- translator available

  • Individual fully equipped cooking station 

  • Written recipe sent to you via e mail

  • Group Lunch- Four courses

  • Transportation provided


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