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We will guide you in cooking your Moroccan tagine meal with our own preserved lemons and olives at a personal cooking station fully equipped with stove top, tagine and ingredients. You will select you main ingredient be it, lamb, chicken, vegetarian or vegan!. 



  • Appetizers: prepared by us ahead of time 

    • Olives, tapenade, toasted bread  

  • Salad 

    • Green salad you make your on vinaigrete  

  • Main dish:

    • Moroccan tagine with preserve lemons and olives 

    • Choices: Vegetarian, chicken, lamb, (one choice per person needed in advance) ​

  • Side dish: cooked during session 

    • Basmati citrus rice 

    • Steamed broccoli 

  •  Dessert: Prepared by us ahead of time 

    • Olive oil Gelato 

Led by FLS Chef J.J. Castañeda

Novembern 6

12pm to 4pm

Limit ten guest

800 pesos

Transportation from Liverpool Available

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