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Join us for an exciting Indian cooking class where you'll be guided in cooking your own Tikka Masala, a popular and tasty dish known for its rich, creamy sauce and tender pieces of meat or vegetables. Choose, meat or vegetarian.

In this hands-on cooking class, you'll delve into the rich flavors and vibrant spices of Indian cuisine under the guidance of our staff.

What to expect:

  • Step-by-step guide to making the perfect Tikka Masala from scratch. Information on essential spices and ingredients.

  • Hands-on experience in cooking your preferred version of Tikka Masala.

  • A friendly and interactive environment.

  • Followed by a group lunch.



  • Samosas: puff pastry filled with spicy vegetables

  • Naan bread- Indian flat bread


  • Potato and Turmeric Salad

Main course

  • Tikka Masala (choose between chicken, lamb or vegetarian)

Side dish

  • Basmati rice


  • Indian carrot pudding

12:00 to 16:00

Cost 800 pesos per person

Transport from Liverpool available.

  • The class is taught in Spanish by our accomplished chefs. Each person is also provided with the recipe in English. The translator will be available to help.

  • Each person will cook their own main dish, as well as a portion of the menu that will be served to everyone during lunch.

  • Each person has a fully equipped cooking station with all ingredients and utensils.

  • After your visit, all prescriptions will be provided electronically.

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