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We invite you to a hands on Moroccan “bastilla” cooking class adventure featuring hands on cooking in our open air class room. 

What you will learn

  • Phyllo Dough Handling:

  • Meat Preparation:

  • Spice Blending

  • Egg Mixture:

  • Layering Techniques

  • Baking Techniques

To snack:

  • Our olive oils, tapenade and crispy pita bread 

Menu from the cooking class:

  • Carrot salad of olives, feta cheese, garbanzo beans, cilantro, mint with a spicy lemon vinaigrette

  • “Besteeya “, national plate of Morocco. A pie of chicken, turmeric, almonds, powdered sugar & cinnamon. Vegetarian option available with prior notification

  • Roasted cauliflower with sumac, tahini, pickled onions & olives

  • Dessert

    • “Malabi “ milk pudding of coconut and rose water.

12pm to 4pm

June 12

Cost 800 pesos

Transport from Liverpool available

The class is conducted in Spanish by our accomplished cooks. Each person also is provided with the recipe in English. Translator will be available to help . 

Each person will cook a portion of the menu which will be served to all during the lunch period .

Each person has a fully equipped cooking station with all ingredients and utensils.

Following your visit all recipes will be electronically provided 

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