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Normally, the word “barbacoa” translates to “barbecue” or food mainly meat cooked on a grill. However, in some parts of Mexico this term is used for meat cooked or steamed in its own juices. Here in San Miguel de Allende “Tacos de Barbacoa” or just “barbacoa” refers to pulled lamb meat usually served as tacos. They are much available as a street food or in establishments specializing in “Barbacoa”.

The traditional preparation of barbacoa involves marinating the meat in a variety of spices, seasonings, and sometimes chilies. It is then wrapped in agave or banana leaves before being placed in the pit or oven for slow, indirect heat cooking. This method imparts a unique flavor and tenderness to the meat.

Barbacoa has deep cultural roots in Mexican cuisine and is often associated with celebratory events, family gatherings, and special occasions. 

The dish has become popular not only within Mexico but also internationally, with many restaurants and food enthusiasts incorporating it into their menus. 


As visitor or resident to SMA you should consider attending this class which will guide you in preparing this dish at home.


What you will learn

  • A method we have created of cooking barbacoa at home with ingredients readily available at your local supermarket and equipment normally found in any kitchen

  • Ingredient selection and preparation

  • Making fresh corn tortillas.

  • Making Salsas

  • Preparing a menu with barbacoa as the main dish

  • Preparing the Consommé 

  • Cooking method and timings

  • Serving and freezing 

After the instruction period you will enjoy the following menu

  • Tapenade empanadas

  • Guacamole

  • “Consomé de Barbacoa” a soup

  • Barbacoa tacos

  • Mexican rice

  • Frijoles Charros (cooked by us)

May 24

12 pm to 4 pm

800 pesos per person

Transport from Liverpool available

The class is conducted in Spanish by our accomplished cooks. Each person also is provided with the recipe in English. Translator will be available to help . 

Each person will cook a portion of the menu which will be served to all during the lunch period .

Each person has a fully equipped cooking station with all ingredients and utensils.

Following your visit all recipes will be electronically provided 

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