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Learn to make chimichangas! A popular Mexican dish consisting of a flour tortilla filled with a savory mixture and fried until crispy. 

Join us for this special hands-on cooking class at our open-air classroom. In this class our staff will guide you through the preparation of the dough, the making of handmade tortillas and preparation of the filling before putting the finishing touches on variety of chimichangas be it with meat, vegetarian or vegan. Your creation will we part of buffet menu to be enjoyed by entire class and supplemented by dishes prepared by our staff.

What you will learn

  • Making the masa

  • Making the tortillas

  • Preparing the filling

  • Making the chimichangas​



  • Chorizo and Cheese Chimichanga Bites

Salad Course:

  • Southwest Veggie Salad: 

Main Course:

  • Classic Chimichanga: Choice of beef, chicken or vegetarian

Side dishes:

  • Mexican rice

  • Refried beans


  • Strawberry Cheesecake Chimichangas 

12pm to 4pm

June 7

Limit ten guests

Cost 800 pesos

  • Transport from Liverpool available

  • The class is conducted in Spanish by our accomplished cooks. Each person also is provided with the recipe in English. Translator will be available to help. 

  • Each person has a fully equipped cooking station with all ingredients and utensils.

  • Following your visit all recipes will be electronically provided

  • Please let us know of any dietary needs (gluten, dairy, spices, vegetarian, etc.) before arrival

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