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"If you build it they will come"

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Our own “Field of Dreams” is slowly becoming a reality.

Our more than twelve-month journey (up to now) to keep our staff fully employed and create a new visitor’s center for after Covid, has been a good decision. Each day more people are returning, many fully vaccinated. In May we were listed in a Forbes magazine article which is being picked up around the world and has positively increased our visibility tremendously! A big THANK YOU for all your support and continued encouragement.

During the last several weeks we created a 2,00o square foot patio with stone and sod. Bordered by our potted olive trees and recently planted herbs and ornamentals, the veranda has taken on a wonderful finished look.

The staff is also finshing our bocce ball court. It has a clay surface which should be gentler on the knees. The bocce court will let us know if any adjustment will be needed before we start the pickle ball courts, hopefully with a clay surface. But before pickle ball we are planning a Greenhouse Bar!! Watch our announcements for evening cocktails, tapas and sunsets!

We are also offering a morning breakfast service. If you want to come out early for home roasted coffee, homemade bagels, lox, eggs, frittatas. chilaquiles, Mexican fare, and spend the morning enjoying openness and fresh air, this is the place for it. Soon we will post that menu, but if you cannot wait just tell us what you will like, and we will prepare it for you just a flat fee of 200 pesos per person.

We are eager to show off our new patio and bocce court and to celebrate their inauguration we thought it appropriate do an Italian Fest.

We will be holding Our Italian Fest from Wednesday June 9th through Saturday June 12th.

A link to the menu is below but it may change slightly. Please let us know of any special requests or dietary needs. We will continue our Covid pricing of 400 pesos per person (excluding wine, beer, and gratuity).

Doors will open at ten in the morning and close at four in the afternoon. The menu for early arrivals from 10 am to 12pm is also below and included in the price. You may choose to have your lunch served at any time between 12pm and 1:30pm. You may also choose to be seated in our dining veranda, the shade house, or even under a tree. Just let us know your preference.


For special events, lunches and tours, we offer free pick up to and from Liverpool. Please book your transportation early as car availability is very limited.

Reservations will be accepted with 24-hour notice, through email to No deposit required, no cancellation fee, and we accept credit cards.

Farm lunches with or without tours

In addition to our monthly fest, the farm is open Monday through Saturday where you will enjoy a delightful lunch outdoors in a very safe environment. Following Is a link for more information.

Our store in town

If you cannot make it out to the farm, you may like to visit our store in town, located of Hernandez Macias #99, inside The Opal Mine jewelry store. There you will find our latest products creations like our newest- a lip balm with and extra vergin olive oil base and bee’s wax!

Be safe and Healthy!

Susan and Victor

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