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Olive oil paring menu

Minimum 2 people, 24 hour advance notice required.


Indulge in a journey of flavor as we showcase the exceptional quality and versatility of our handcrafted olive oils, expertly paired with each course of a delectable menu designed to tantalize your taste buds and ignite your culinary imagination

First Course

  • Crostini platter

Second course

  • Smoked olive oil with Home-cured gravlax carpaccio, onion, capers

Third course- Choice

  • Homemade tagliatelle with parmesan and garlic EVOO

  • Soup of the day

Fourth Course-Choice

  • Mint EVOO with Grilled Lamb Chops  

  • Ginger EVOO with Grilled Salmon  

  • Basil EVOO with Grilled Half Cornish hen

  • Rosemary EVOO Grilled Pork chop  

  • Arbequina EVOO Grilled season veggies with 

  • Asian Blend EVOO with shrimp or vegetarian spring rolls


  • Lemon Roasted potatoes

  • Broccoli with garlic olive oil


  • Greek orange olive oil cake


Cost 1,000 peso per person

Served from 12 to 4

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