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Chinese Sweet and Sour Cooking Class

Join us in our open-air teaching area for a unique hands-on cooking class where you will lean to cook your own sweet and sour Chinese dish, be it chicken, pork, vegetarian.

You'll become familiar with the key ingredients used in sweet and sour cooking, such as vinegar, sugar, soy sauce, and ketchup (yes, ketchup is often used for sweetness and color!). Select you’re your own main dish and we will guide in cooking it on an individual stove top at your own individual cooking station.



  • Vegetarian spring roll


  • Wonton soup

Main dish

  • Sweet and Sour (choice, you cook)

    • Chicken

    • Pork

    • Eggplant

Side dishes

  • White Rice


  • Macha green tea ice cream

12pm to 4pm

Limit ten guests

Cost 800 pesos

Transportation from Liverpool available


The class is conducted in Spanish by our accomplished cooks. Each person also is provided with the recipe in English. Translator will be available to help. 

Each person will cook a portion of the menu which will be served to all during the lunch period.

Each person has a fully equipped cooking station with all ingredients and utensils.

Following your visit all recipes will be electronically provided.

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