A graduate of the New York Restaurant School and the Windows on the World Wine School, her unique history includes launching a famous inn in Massachusetts,

a restaurant in the Hamptons, managing the largest vineyard in Long Island as well as entertaining celebrities, and together with Maestro John Bills launched the San Miguel Opera and now Shari Alexander and Finca Luna Serena have found each other. This chance encounter is likely to lead in collaborative efforts which will enhance experiences for visitors to FLS and also branch out in benefits to the community.

Our first project together is to create a series of wine pairings which will unite the unique flavors and aromas of FLS young wines with a specially selected four course meal. Each wine and course will be presented by Shari where she will impart, on our guest, her knowledge and expertise of each wine and it is accompanying dish. Here is the menu for this event

  • Cured salmon/ Chardonnay

  • Homemade pasta with red pesto/ Carmenere

  • Filet mignon/ Cabernet Sauvignon 

  • Chocolate olive cake/ Shiraz


From 1pm to 5pm

Limit ten guests

800 pesos per person

Transportation from Liverpool available