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This year we are fortunate to have Chef Rebecca Woodland conducting a cooking class at FLS on Turkish Cuisine which will be held on February 22.

Rebecca is a resident of Hawaii, an accomplished author and leads worldwide tours from Hawaii to exotic global destinations through the world, SMA is one of them!


We met Rebecca in 2016 while she was in SMA attending the writers’ conference and visited us at our store in The Opal Mine. Since then, we have become very good friends as she has visited SMA for the conference and tours excepting for two of the Covid years. 


“The Blonde Vegetarian" is Rebecca's published book which is a fun and user-friendly guide to preparing health-promoting, cancer-fighting meals that inspire readers to make permanent changes to their eating habits and lifestyles.

Following is the menu for our class

Made in class:

  • Piyaz (Turkish Bean Salad)

  • Firinsebze (baked vegetables in tomato sauce)

  • Kisir (Turkish Tabbouleh)

  • Turkish-Style Hummus

  • Cacik (Turkish Tzaziki):

Made by FLS Staff:

  • Olives, tapenade, olive oils, infused balsamic vinegars, fruit preserves

  • Ramazan Pidesi (Turkish no-knead flatbread)

  • Sutlage Muhallabeya (Turkish Milk Pudding)



Led by Rebecca Woodland and FLS Staff

February 22 Sold Out Feb 23 available

12pm to 4 pm

Limit ten guests

Cost 800 pesos

Transportation from Liverpool available

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