Please join us for our Fourth Annual Thanksgiving Fest. It will be held on Thursday Nov. 26.


First Some Notes Due to Covid

           We will not be picking up people at Liverpool as in past years    

            Temperature taken upon arrival

            Masks at all times except at your table

            Each group will have its own table safely distanced from all others


We will be open from 10am to 4pm. Feel free to come early, bring a book, use our Wi-Fi and enjoy some fresh air.


Lunch will be served at 1:30 pm. 

         Luncheon Price per person is 400 pesos. Wine and gratuities are not included.


Following is our menu. 


Early arrivals (between 10am and 12pm)

            Eggs any way you like them



            Coffee and tea

            Apple Cider           


Lunch (served individually, not buffet style)



            Our olives, tapenade, oils and toasted homemade bread 


            Mixed Green Salad


            Pumpkin Soup

Main dish choices 

             Roast Turkey

             Spiralized Ham

Side dishes

            Mixed Vegetables

            Mashed Potatoes

            Mashed Sweet Potatoes


            Turkey Gravy

            Cranberry Sauce


            Apple Pie

            Olio Nuovo Gelato




            Wine at 50 pesos per glass.


Seating is limited to a total of twenty guests. Reservations will be accepted with 24-hour notice, through email at No deposit required, no cancellation fee, and we accept credit cards