As some of you may know, in a previous life we grew green papayas at our farm in Florida. Some weeks we harvested as much as 25,000 pounds of green papaya mostly for the Asian markets across the country. And, like many of you, we had no idea of the uses of green papaya before we began growing them. In its green, unripe state the papaya has a high level of papain which is an enzyme found in our digestive system and is very healthy for us. We’ve tried many vegetable places in SMA but no one seems to be able to get green papaya so for our personal purposes we have grown it in our green house for the last 14 years. It is used heavily in Thai food, especially in salads and soups.


Google for yourself and investigate the benefits of green papaya and if you are inclined to try it then come to our Thai cooking class on October 5. 7 (6 sold out) wherein the main dish will incorporate Green Papaya from our farm. 




  • Fresh Spring Rolls

  • Thai cucumber salad

  • Green papaya chicken or shrimp soup

  • Thai mango sticky rice


Time 12pm to 4pm

October 5

600 pesos per person

Limit 10 people