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We do not grow the grapes; we make the wine.

Our small batch processing allows us to make an artisanal wine which many our visitors have been enjoying. It is made in small batches which allows us to serve a variety of wines for your enjoyment.


Following is a special Chef selection of pairings for this month. We are no set in our ways so if you like some changes , just let us know.

Four course meals specially designed menu to complements our wines, ​                    

  • Wine Pairing- 800 pesos per person minimum four people

    • Shrimp ceviche/Pinot Grigio 

    • Homemade pasta and Puttanesca sauce/ Sangiovese 

    • Grilled lamb chops with sides/Tempranillo

    • Sides 

      • Lemon olive oil fired potatoes 

      • Broccoli 

    • Dark fruits & berries, chocolate, cheeses/ Petite Syrah

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