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Food as Medicine

Our focus this past month can be simply put as “Food as Medicine”. Victor’s personal story with this subject goes back to his Madison Avenue Days in the mid 90’s. As a medically recognized (by his doctor- Dr. Barrera) hypochondriac, Victor claimed to be suffering from body pains and had many tests and nothing was found. One day out of desperation he sought one of the top internists in New York City who was at Weill Cornell Medical Center. After his visit and leaving the hospital, he called Susan from his cell phone to give her the news “you won’t believe what happened!” he loudly said into the phone “I waited two months for this appointment, I get ushered into the doctor’s office, he takes all my papers and leaves for thirty minutes and when he comes back, he gives back my papers and said ‘your problem is food’.  I was so disgusted with his lack of additional information, and language skills that I grabbed my papers and left!”


Last year we were visited by a couple from New York City who told us that one of them had been not only been diagnosed with colon cancer but was also told that an operation was needed. Instead of an operation, they went to an Ayurvedic Center in India and six months later the cancer was cured with no operation. At the time we were intrigued with the discussion and Victor went through a period in which he researched and then directed the staff into making ayurvedic recipes. As with many of his initiatives it went through a phase and then the ayurvedic period phased out.


During the month of June, we were visited by a friend whom we knew to have gone through a mastectomy to rid herself of cancer. During this visit she told us that since we last saw her, she was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. However, this time she followed a Trophology diet and within two months her cancer had gone away and cured!


That did it! We have decided to evolve our business by creating a nutrition conscious environment in many ways and sharing that with our supporters and community. We will promote nutrition not only in words but with actions through new menus, new products, and educational series. Our nutrition quest has begun with research and development of new recipes as well as retrieving old ones. In support of this, we also started a program to maximize organic agricultural space by cultivating between the rows of olive trees so that our dishes are mostly sourced from our own organic farming efforts.


We are announcing our new menus and classes for “Food as Medicine” to include Ayurveda and Trophology dishes. We are not stopping there; Victor has initiated a program he calls “Fields of Greens” as he likes to say “if you build it they will come”.


Check our website!


Open House July 1.

Join us for a no charge open house to showcase our products with a series of light bites of international cuisine served from 10;30 to 2;30.


Olive Fest July 12

Our annual Olive Fest always takes place in July when our olives. cured last fall, are now ready for market. We will present a truly olive inspired menu.


Tours, cooking classes, picnics, lunches, and pairings

Will continue as always supported by our able staff. Remember by clicking on the link below you will always get to see the latest events we have planned. If you don’t see anything you like,  we will be happy to create something special for small groups.



Celebrating a decade!

As we finish our first decade of making olive oil, we looked back at the many memories, experiences created, and friends made and what are next steps would be. During the last eight weeks, we were seriously tempted to “grab the money and run” as our property and business has increased substantially in value way beyond our wildest imagination. Having dreams of champagne and caviar in the Cote d’Azur, renting a house in Spain’s Jaen olive oil country, or navigating rivers in a private boat, did present many tempting thoughts and discussions. However, in the end we opted to stay put, with our dogs and many dreams yet to be accomplished.


This new decade will start the same way as the first one, with one of Victor’s well detailed business plans. The current plan may have three or four phases. Phase one is just beginning and it is laid out in an over 100 slides work plan. Given that we quickly overachieved our initial plan which we created in 2014, we have high expectations for the current plan.


So come along for a ride starting a new decade with us facing new challenges, new dreams, new breakthrough ideas and continued friendship.



Best Personal Regards

Susan and Victor

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