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Our Latest Newsletter

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Finca Luna Serena

Too good to be true? Wanting to raise the level our small country restaurant into a growing foodie destination, we brought in a full-time world-class chef, changed the menu, opened seven days a week serving breakfast lunch and dinner. Searching for a name we called it “The Artisan Kitchen”.

In preparing for this letter, we decided research what the word “artisan” meant in the culinary world. The definition we found was

· Artisanal foods are typically made by skilled craftsmen and women using traditional methods and high-quality, locally sourced ingredients. These products often have a unique and distinctive flavor.

Following this definition was a list of sixteen artisanal foods and to our surprise we found that we already are making eleven of them! We make olive oil, vinegars, bread, sausages, jams, preserves, sauces, ice cream, pickles, chutneys. Who knew we were artisans?

Over the last nine years, our product development and staff training has evolved in a serendipitous manner. We now have a group of skilled artisans who acquired their talents on the job, with the aid of the internet and our guidance in making incredible products, including some no one would expect to find in the heartland of Mexico, e.g. olive oil.

We have truly embraced “The Artisan Kitchen” as a challenge to deliver on the creation and use of artisanal products developed in our small farm.

Some of the things we did in October

  • Facilities

o Repurposed one of our covered areas into an oil pressing and bottling area

o Doubled the space of our restaurant’s kitchen

o Began the building and testing of wood fired cooking area

  • New Artisan Products

o Maple cured smoked ham

o Sausages

Canadian, Italian, German Bratwurst, Mushroom

  • Our Chefs truly made a difference in with Chef Anthony doing an incredible Oktoberfest Supper Club dinner on a Friday night immediately followed on Saturday by Chef JJ mushroom dinner.

  • We tested having two cooking classes per week alternating Mexican and non-Mexican cuisine. The results were sufficiently encouraging to warrant another test in November.

Some of the things we are planning for November

  • As San Miguel enters its tourist season, Friday and Saturday evenings are very busy in town as such we want to provide a hassle-free dining atmosphere, distinctive cuisine at a highly competitive pricing.

o Free Transportation to and from Liverpool

o Farm to Fork Fridays featuring a broad range of Mexican Cuisine with welcome cocktail and five courses.

o Twilight Diners on Saturday will start off with a Mushroom Lovers’ club dinner, followed by a woodfire cuisine dining experience and French cuisine at the end of the month.

  • Cooking school- check out our schedule

  • Thanksgiving we have just a few places left

  • Restaurant- our menu is gaining in popularity. Visit us even on weekends!

  • Tours with Tastings- feel free to bring friend and visitors for this unique SMA experience.

  • Shop early for Holiday gift given. We ship directly from SMA to the lower 48! Our gifts boxes can include a personal note.

Have a wonderful thanksgiving and wishing you a wonderful start to the holiday season.

Susan and Victor

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