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We started making olive oil a week and a half ago and it seems as if all the stars are aligned. It is the best olive oil we have made as indicated by our Certified Olive Oil Sommelier, Susan.

Many of you have expressed the desire to visit us during harvest and pressing season. Our new pressing area allows for people to visit and watch the simple artisan process we have developed. So, we are offering to a very limited number of guest an opportunity to visit us for a free tour of our small production area and a taste of fresh pressed olive oil (caveat fresh olive oil is very strong and nothing like you buy commercially). We will also have some appetizers, at not charge, created by our Chef J.J. Castañeda specifically highlighting the use of our olive oil.


There is no charge for this event however we are not able to provide transportation


Reservation is required as space is limited


Friday September 16

Time: 10 am to 2 pm.


If you would like to attend, please send us and e mail oil making and tasting 2023


We look forward to your visit.


Susan and Victor

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