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Our cooks will guide a group class in preparing the delicious and complex mole poblano, as well as how to use it in various dishes.


Here are some of the things you will learn in the class:

  • Ingredients: dried chilies (such as ancho, pasilla, and mulato chilies), chocolate (typically Mexican chocolate), various spices, nuts (like almonds or peanuts), and more. Understanding the role of each ingredient 

  • Techniques: toasting, roasting, simmering, and blending. 

  • Balancing Flavors: balancing of sweet, savory, and spicy 

  • Chocolate: The use of chocolate in Mole Poblano 

  • Variations: Mole Negro, Mole Coloradito, and Mole Verde. 

  •  Tasting: Enjoy the fruits of your labor and savor the flavors 



  • Mole-stuffed tamales

  • Mexican coleslaw

  • Chicken or vegetarian in mole plobano

  • White rice

  • Fried ripe plantains

  • Black beans with avocado leaves

  •  Capirotada- Mexican bread pudding

12pm to 4pm

Cost 800 pesos

Transport from Liverpool available

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