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Please join us for a Middle Eastern Festival, featuring a broad range on traditional dishes from the region. It will be held on from July 29th

You are welcome to come early and enjoy some fresh air, bring a book, use our Wi-Fi and just relax. We are open from 10am to 4pm and you may come during those times and stay for as long as you like.​.

Following is our fest menu.

Early arrivals (between 10am and 12pm)

           Bagels, lox, cream cheese capers etc. 

           Coffee -cappuccino, americano, black, have it your way



Lunch (buffet starts at 12;30)


           Our olives, tapenade, oils and toasted bread 

            Hummus, pita


            Tomato Cabbage Tabouleh


            Chickpea Tomato soup with rosemary

Main dish buffet

           Quwarmah:  A curried chicken dish with baharat from the Gulf States

           Mansaaf:  A Jordanian style lamb stew with spiced yogurt and pine nuts

           Spanakopita:  Greek spinach fillo pie

           Moussaka; Vegetarian     

Side dishes

            Lemon couscous

            Turkish eggplant pilaf


            Olive oil Ice cream 

            Date Ice cream

When July 29

Time 4 pm to 8 pm

500 pesos per person

Transportation from Liverpool available

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