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Spend a fun afternoon in our open-air kitchen exploring the vegetarian side of Mexican cooking. Most of us don’t think about Mexican food as being “Vegetarian.” However, many of the best dishes in this culture use no meat products of any sort primarily because meat is considered a luxury.  In this class you will learn how to prepare a variety of dishes from a specially designed menu. At the end of the class everyone will share some delicious dishes in a buffet lunch.


This class will be conducted in Spanish by our experienced staff and is designed so that each person cooks a portion of the buffet meal. To ensure that no one gets lost in the language, you will receive the recipe for your assigned dish in English or Spanish as preferred. Later you will receive through email a complete set of all the recipes so that you can prepare them at home. The menu is as follows:



  • Mexican fried carrot salad

  • Noodle soup

  • Yamadillas- a quesadilla with yams

  • Spinach Potato tacos

  • Green chile rice and black beans

  • Mexican stuffed peppers 

  • Mini Margarita Cheese cake 


June  16

12pm to 4pm

Limit ten guests

Cost 600 pesos

Transportation from Liverpool available

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