Broaden your culinary prowess by joining Chef Anthony Crisafulli at an Indian cuisine cooking class. Our class will not only deal with the cooking of the recipes but just as important where to shop for the needed ingredient in SMA. Combine the training, the shopping info and the recipes you will receive, and you should be able to replicate this dish in your kitchen.


Garlic naan

        A fluffy homemade garlicky bread to enjoy with your meal

Basmati rice

Chana masala

        A chickpea curry recipe from the Punjab region of Inda

Lentil dhal

        A healthy nutritious soup

Butter chicken

        A spicy grilled chicken marinated in an aromatic, buttery, creamy tomato gravy

Gulab jamun (dessert)

        Soft, sweet, spongy and melt in mouth dessert drenched in syrup