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Open group Pickleball Class followed by our unique taco-bar comida buffet afterwards all for $500p. Starting at 2 pm. Thursday September 8th.


We are extremely pleased to have Greg Nye be our instructor for this event and hopefully more to come. Greg is an avid athlete—pickleball, tennis, golf and croquet. He coached high school tennis for over 30 years in Santa Barbara and Palm Desert, bringing many teams to the State Championship level. 

He is an excellent, patient, fun teacher who can identify small changes in a player’s technique that can make great improvements in their game as well engaging newbies in the fastest growing sport in the world.  

We promise you a worthwhile and fun afternoon. 

You will learn:

  • The basics of the game 

  • Rules, equipment 

  • Simple strategies 

  • Etiquette

  • Helpful tips

We will learn, practice and play!


As always at FSL we cater to special dietary needs. So if you have any please let us know prior to your visit so we can accommodate.

Transportation is available from and to Liverpool no extra cost!

Follow the “Reserv.” Button below or send us an email at


Sept 1

2 pm till 6 pm

500 pesos per person

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