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Chef J.J. Castañeda will lead two Greek cooking classes during the same week in October.


We have designed our classes so that each person will at the very least cook their own individual main dish and the menu can be modified for dietary needs (vegan, vegetarian, dairy, gluten, etc) with prior notice. 


Program Overview:

  • Each class will be approximately 3 and a half hours long, including cooking and dining.

  • Classes can accommodate up to 12 participants each.

  • Participants will learn about Greek culinary traditions, cooking techniques, and the cultural significance of each dish.

  • Cooking demonstrations and hands-on cooking will be a part of each class.

  • At the end of each class, participants will enjoy the meal they've prepared together.


Monday October 16


  • Tzatziki Pitta

  • Greek Meatballs

  • Greek Potato Salad

  • Your way moussaka (Lamb, chicken, vegan)

  • Baklava


Wednesday October 18


  • Tzatziki Pitta

  • Spanakopita

  • Eggplant salad

  • Your way Patitsio (Lamb, chicken, beef, vegetarian, vegan)

  • Greek Yogurt cake

Led by FLS Chef J.J. Castañeda

October 2 and October 4

12pm to 4pm

Class limit 12

Cost 800 pesos per class

Sign up for both classes 1400 pesos

Transport from Liverpool available

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