Welcome to our first annual Corn Fest featuring an all-day affair with the culinary versatility of corn which will be created from our own small private corn harvest as well as from local corn.


The day will start at ten for early arrivals. We will serve a light brunch between 10 and twelve and followed by “comida” served from one o’clock. The total cost of the event is 500 pesos per person, excluding gratuities. Doors will close at 4 pm.

Transportation from and to Liverpool Available at no additional cost


Early Arrivals (From 10 to 12 )

         Hominy with our cinnamon or ginger olive oil

         Hominy Breakfast Casserole

         Coffee, tea

         Our apple cider




         Street corn on the cob

         Corn Fritters with our infused oils


         Basil feta Corn Salad


         Bacon Jalapeno Corn Chowder


         Chicken Tamale Pie

         Surf and Turf foil packs

         Corn Encrusted Lamb Chops

         Spicy Corn Encrusted Salmon

          Zucchini Corn Fritters


         Creamy Cheesy Chipotle corn

         Sautee Kale


         Corn Bread with olive oil gelato

         Sweet corn pudding


Time: 10 am to 4pm

Day: Sept, 10

Cost: 500 peso per serson