Cooking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)


There is a lot of confusion about cooking with extra virgin olive oil, how you can or shouldn’t use it. The goal of this class is to provide in-depth knowledge about this ancient and healthy product. Our own Certified Olive Oil Sommelier, Susan Chamberlin, will take you on a journey of Mediterranean cooking where in you will learn the techniques of using this incredible product for maximum benefit and value. The class will cover the benefits of EVOO, what makes it EVOO,  as well hands-on instruction on using and cooking with EVOO with a five course meal which you enjoy along with a glass of wine.





            Burrata with Garlic Olive Oil


            Fruit salad with Persian lime olive oil and apricot balsamic vinegar

Main (Choice of_

            EVOO Poached Salmon

            EVOO Poached chicken breast with fennel sauce


            EVOO French fried potatoes with garlic, rosemary and thyme


            Cheese and EVOO


600 pesos per person

Wednesday, July 27 at 12pm

Maximum 10 people

Transportation from Liverpool available