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Welcome to the Finca Luna Serena Cooking School. We are proud to offer two public classes per week, as schedules allow, alternating weekly with Mexican and non-Mexican cuisine.


Our unique cooking area with fully equipped cooking stations allows every participant to cook one or more dishes which will be part of a buffet meal enjoyed by the entire group. Following the class, we will email all the recipes in English and Spanish so you may cook them at home.


The classes start 12 pm last approximately four hours including time to enjoy the buffet meal.


If you don’t have transportation, no problem! Just drive or take a taxi to Liverpool and we will pick you up and return you there at no additional cost. If you prefer to drive yourself, we will send directions. 


Here is the current schedule of our public classes (Click each for further information)

We also offer private cooking classes which can be designed for a specific group and their interests. Please follow the following link for more information:

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