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Cooking and Dinning Experience French Cuisine

We invite you to our unique cooking and dining experience. This event is limited to ten people who will separated into five groups of two people each. Each group will randomly select one of the five dishes that comprises the menu. Each dish will be cooked by the attendees under our supervision and the end of which the entire group will retire to the dining room to enjoy the fruits of their labor.


  •  Cured Salmon Canapé 

  •  Salade Comtoise

  •  Tilapia Meunière 

  •  Harricourt vert

  •  Rissole potatoes

  •  Strawberry Muse (prepared by FLS)

  •  Our wines   

When Aug. 12

Time 4 to 8 pm

Limit ten guests

Cost 800 pesos per person

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