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Brazil has a special place in our hearts for its cuisine and its national cocktail (capirinha). More importantly, it is where we met nearly thirty years ago!


On October 26, 27 (oct. 26 sold out) we invite you to attend our Brazilian cooking class followed by a complete lunch .


Brazilian Cooking class


  • Brazilian Cheese Bread (Pão de Queijo)

  • Shrimp Empanadas

  • Brazilian Hearts of Palm Salad

  • Grilled rump steak (Picanha)

  • Sides

    • Toasted cassava flour (Farofa)

    • Brazilian white rice

    • Brazilian style kale (Couve)

  • Brigadeiro Ice Cream


Time 12pm to 4pm

October 26

600 pesos per person

Limit 10 people

Led by: Susan, Victor, and Staff

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